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Friday, September 11, 2015

How Can I Best Help My Student During Guided Reading?

It can be difficult to know how to support your student during their independent reading time. Here are some tips!

  • Provide wait time.
  • Allow your student time to try it on their own. If given the word every time, they’ll come to expect that.
  • Give prompts or clues as needed, such as:
    • Try that again.
    • Does that make sense? What word would make sense there?
    • Look at how the word begins.
    • What reading strategy could you try?
    • Go back and reread and think about what sounds right and looks right.
    • Look at the picture. What’s happening?
    • What could you do to help yourself?=
    • Look at the parts of chunks in the word.
    • Do you know something about that word to help you?

  • Tell students what they do well! Give specific and positive feedback!
    • I like the way you made each word match with your finger.
    • You went back and fixed that tricky part, didn’t you? Good checking!
    • You were really thinking when you let the word _____, which you know, help you with the word _____. Great job! That’s what good readers do!

  • Let your student make mistakes. It is part of the learning process.
    • For example, if your student reads a word wrong – instead of saying ‘no’ and stopping them after every word they get wrong, let them get to the end of the page. Then ask them a question like “you said ______ here, did that make sense?” It can be discouraging for students to be stopped after every missed word. L

  • If your student often skips words – encourage them to touch each word with their finger or pointer while they read.
  • Have your student record and listen to themselves on Raz-Kids.
  • Help your student pick books that they can read independently. 
    • The rule of thumb for independent reading level is if there are 5 or more words on the page your student cannot read, than it is too difficult for an independent read. 

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