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Where can I go for some guidance?
Set our Strong Start website as your homepage - it will be an important resource! 

How do the different time zones work?
I am in the Eastern Time Zone.  However, class connects listed up on the daily plan will show up in your time zone.  When I send out times for different things, I will make sure to list both EST and CST times.

Who do I ask questions to regarding materials / technical support?
Teachers do not handle materials. You can call 866.512.2273 for easy assistance on materials and / or technical support questions.

What if I need to change my address?
A change of address is very important, since K12 ships materials to you! We cannot accept P.O. Boxes so physical addresses are needed. If your address has changed recently, please send proof of residence to the TNVA office. Include your student’s name, a copy of an electric, water, or gas bill, and send to TNVA office, P.O. Box 26 Maynardville, TN 37807 or FAX 865-992-1211.

What do I need to complete first?
1. Introduction to Online Learning. These videos will help you get acclimated to virtual schooling. They are loaded into the Daily Plan. Please watch these! Your student will not be able to access any of his TNVA courses until these videos have all been viewed.
2. Begin the courses in your On Line School.
3. Check your k-mail daily and your daily plan for any required Class Connect Sessions. 

What is the attendance policy?
In accordance to the TNVA Student Handbook and the TN state law, the Attendance Policy is as follows:
The Tennessee Department of Education requires all public schools to record a minimum of 180 days of attendance with an average of 6.5 hours of instruction each day. Students are required by the state of Tennessee to attend a minimum of 32.5 hours of school per week. TNVA has a responsibility to enforce Tennessee’s compulsory educational laws. Teachers are pulling attendance reports regularly. So it is very important that you maintain a minimum of 32.5 hours a week.
*The 32.5 hours / week includes: Regular course work, P.E., Music, Art, and Supplemental time.
Attendance documented in the On Line School calendar should correlate with the completed lessons in the On Line School daily/weekly plan. Attendance can be marked for Class Connect (virtual classes with the teachers) Sessions as well.

What if my student misses a day?
Students are allowed 5 parent notes (please note that if your student misses 2 days and you submit a parent note, that counts as 2 parent notes).  Unlimited doctor's notes are allowed - please send a scanned copy of picture of the doctor's note so your teacher can submit it to the attendance office.  If you need to be out, please send your teacher a k-mail letting them know. Please remember that students can make up work and hours on the weekend if they miss. Sometimes a parent note is not necessary if they are able to make up the hours.  Still let your teacher know if they are out and will be making up hours on the weekend.

What if my student missed a Class Connect Session?
Attending live sessions is the best and most beneficial way for your student to interact and practice the skills being taught.  However, we know that disruptions and emergencies arise.  A recording will be made of all required Class Connect Sessions.  Your student can access recordings by going to their plan for the day of the missed class and clicking the link as they would normally do to enter a Class Connect Session.  The assignment will be "pushed out" for you to save during the recording.  Makeup work must be submitted within a week of the missed class in order to receive attendance credit!

Do I need to record attendance everyday?
Yes! Getting behind on attendance can create serious issues. 3 days without logging attendance will result in a truancy letter.

What counts as supplemental hours?
Students are allowed 8 supplemental hours per week. These can be field trips, educational programs, or any educational activity outside of the K12 curriculum. 

Can I substitute a week for a week? My older daughter has Fall Break at a different time from TNVA and would like to keep it cohesive.
Yes, we can make this happen for you with administration approval. Please talk to your homeroom teacher about dates you would like to substitute.

What does Progress vs. Attendance mean?
Here at TNVA, teachers are daily monitoring student progress and attendance. In order to have progress match attendance both areas need to be accounted for daily. Example of this: If a Learning Coach (LC) logs two hours in math, then the teacher should be seeing completed math lessons in the daily plan. In order to remain compliant at TNVA both areas must be proportional. Students should be averaging 2-3% progress in each course per week.

What are the required components of TNVA?
Students are required to completed lessons on the Online School (2-3% progress / week), attend all live Class Connect Sessions, attend all conferences, and complete all Study Island Pathways.  All these parts work together to give your student a well-rounded education! 

What are the Study Island requirements and why is it important?
  • Study Island is a research based program for K-8th grade, in which students can daily practice TN State Tested Standards. Teachers also use this for Class Connects.
  •  This year, students will be working in English and Math Pathways - there will be pathways that must be completed each month.
  • Each student will be working on the state standards throughout the year, with the expectation of earning a blue ribbon for each standard.
  • Study Island assignments will be part of the grading system.
Are conferences mandatory?
Yes. TNVA teachers require learning coaches and students to regularly attend conferences. This is a great time to get your specific questions asked and extra help for your child.

What are Class Connect Sessions and why are they required?
Class Connects are scheduled throughout the week for whole group instruction, small group instruction or one-on-one sessions. Teachers will be following the lessons in the Online School and covering TN State Standards which may not be covered in the OLS. Class Connects will be created and designed with each individual student in mind. In class, students are encouraged to ask questions and participate with other students in a respectful manner.
Teachers use this time to help remediate students and teach new topics. As teachers, we closely monitor student progress. Therefore, your child will always be invited to whole group sessions. Students will also be invited to small group sessions to help with remediation or enrichment. Students may also be invited to one – on – one session to assist in specialized remediation. Please speak with your teacher about these sessions if you still have questions.

Will my student be assigned something during a Class Connect Session?
Students will often be expected to complete a work slide during a Class Connect Session – please stay near your child and monitor them during live sessions in case they need help using tools and completing class work.  (It is good to have them work independently, if possible). Sometimes teachers will often assign a writing assignment, a Study Island assignment, a lesson in the OLS, or a class project either before or during a Class Connect session. These assignments are assigned to help your student mark lessons complete in Study Island or the OLS. Also, assignments such as the writing assignment or class projects will help your teacher understand any remediation / enrichment your student might need. Assignments completed in Class Connect will be counted as part of the grading system.

Do I need to save ALL of my child’s work?
That is entirely up to you. Some parents find it helpful to keep a folder with student work in it for each subject in order to ensure that students have what they need when teachers ask for it. In the ELA, Science, and History courses in which you have workbooks, many parents do not tear out pages. This will help you not to lose your child’s work.

How can I submit my student’s writing samples?
As part of your student’s writing classes – they will be required to submit written writing samples.  Although classwork on slides during Class Connect Sessions can provide insight into a student’s progress, actual written work is needed to see how the student is progressing with writing.  If you have a scanner – you can scan send the work.  If not, you can use an iPad, Kindle, or smart phone to take a picture of the writing sample and send it (via file share, k-mail, or text).

When are outings?
Outings will take place quarterly. These events can be found on the TNVA calender.  We would love for you to attend these events to meet us or other students in your area. I will always inform my students what outing I will be attending. 

What do all the abbreviations stand for?
TNVA = Tennessee Virtual Academy
OLS = On Line School
ILP = Individual Learning Plan
RTI = Response to Intervention
CC = Class Connect Session
BBC = Black Board Collaborate
SI = Study Island

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